Essential Oils – The Potentially Unhealthy Ingredient in your “Healthy” Toothpaste

Oral cavity and its hygiene is always important for our health. Oral cavity is one area that is responsible for the health of a person. If the oral cavity remains clean and healthy, the health of a person must be healthy. If you’re oral cavity is not clean, may be you can encounter the diseases.

Your oral cavity has thousands of microbiome, some includes good bacteria and some are bad bacteria. The health remains intact when the healthy bacteria lives longer and the bad bacteria are killed. We have a concept that some toothpastes and the mouth wash like Listerine are good for our oral health. As mentioned earlier, you must understand all these agents present in these performances have expensive ingredients but they are not good for oral cavity.

Excess of anything is bad

If you are using too much toothpaste of the mouth wash definitely the good bacteria will be killed in the oral cavity. Hence, it can also effect the digestion of food. We have a concept of using these products too much in order to kill the 99% of germs but they can affect the good bacteria as well.

Toothpaste consisting of peppermint oil

Toothpastes do have many ingredients like sulfuric acid, sodium salts and many others. That claims to protect your teeth that are mostly not beneficial nor harmful. But remember to find out the toothpaste that consists of peppermint oil. At least it is beneficial for the health of your teeth.

Essential oils and their significance

We have been in the pursuit to achieve heights in every field of life. Somehow, we have been but there are few quest still unexplored and for that the scientist and researchers are always working for. In the same ways it has been a mystery about the essential oils whether, we should consume it more or not.

In ancient times essential oils have been used in many ways, like on the wound or on the injuries. It has been determined that essential oils have extra ordinary antibacterial properties that can kill microbioms.

The question arises “are we supposed to uses essential oils in our toothpastes or not?”

Properties of essential oils

Essential oils are very concentrated hence need a lot of resources to be made that is why they are expensive as well. The 15 bottle of essential oil requires a lot of :

  • Rose petals 315 pounds
  • Lavender flower 30 pounds
  • Peppermint plant 1 pound
  • Lemons 75

That is the reason that the small bottle of essential oil is of high cost. Due to high concentration essential oil are not used directly or without any technicality. They need a lot of care while usage due to their high potency. They. have to be used with extra care because of their nature.

The best solution to use the essential oil is: whenever you want to use it, dilute it and you are ready to use it. You required only a few drops in anything you want to use.

Essential oils and deadly properties

Essential oils have extra ordinary properties to kill the bacteria, apart from chlorhexidine, it is assumes that the tee tree oil has the same properties. The researchers are working out and finding new suggestion for oral hygiene because the eating and drinking habits are changing a lot in these days. So essential oils have the property to kill oral pathogens. So we concluded at the point that essential oils can help in gaining oral health by killing microbiom. But the researchers have to work on which microbiome do they kill.


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